Flexible Coupling

Lightweight Flexible Coupling

Approx Price: Rs 80 / Piece(s) 

Style 475

 Designed to provide a durable mechanical joint for grooved end stainless steel piping systems,

Style 475 stainless steel couplings are available in Type 316 (CF8M). See chart on page 2

for pressure ratings. The Style 475 comes standard with WRAS- certified, Grade “EW” EPDM

gasket material with approved microbiological resistance.

Stainless steel track bolts, which provide single-wrench tightening, are provided as standard.

The Victaulic system accommodates expansion/contraction/deflection and permits designers

to take advantage of these characteristics. Elimination or reduction of special vibration


expansion loops and settlement allowance are among the options. Request

26.01, 26.02 and 26.04 for additional details.

Unique design features of the Style 475 coupling permit assembly by removing one nut/bolt

and scissoring housing over gasket. This reduces the number of components to handle during

assembly, which speeds and eases installation.






Type 316 stainless steel, conforming to ASTM-A351, A743, and A744 Grade CF8M.



Housing Coating:













* Services listed are General Service Recommendations only. It should be noted that there are




for which these gaskets are not recommended. Reference should always be made to the


latest Victaulic Gasket Selection Guide (05.01) for specific gasket service recommendations and


for a listing of services which are not recommended.















Grade “EW” EP DM



EPDM (Green “W” color code). Temperature -30°F to +230°F/ -34°C to +110°C.


Recommended for hot water service within the specified temperature range plus a variety


of dilute acids, oil-free air and many chemical services. WRAS-certified material with approved


microbiological resistance to BS 6920 for cold and hot potable water service up to +149°F/+65°C.


Not recommended for petroleum services.



Optional Gaskets:




(specify choice)





Grade “E” EP DM




EPDM (Green Stripe color code). Temperature range -30°F to +250°F/-34°C to +110°C.


Recommended for cold and hot water service within the specified temperature range plus a


variety of dilute acids, oil free air and many chemical services. UL Classified to ANSI/NSF 61


for cold +86°F/+30°C and hot +180°F/+82°C potable water service. NOT RECOMMENED FOR


Petroleum services.



















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